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Promoting a brand or company does not always have to break your bank. By giving away inexpensive promotional products or items, your brand or company can still stand out without having to shell out much as you would with TV or radio ads. However, with so many promotional products available on the market these days, choosing the perfect item to give away can be a really daunting task. Here are some useful tips on how to find the best promotional products to give away to increase your brand's visibility.

Know Your Target Market

The most important tip to start an effective campaign is to know who your target people are. One of the big mistakes of some companies is misunderstanding their target market. Many companies lose track of their main target audience or tend to reach others outside of their current market. Thus, their promotional products become useless.

By understanding who your target people are, you will have an idea on what type of products that will likely grab their attention, what type of items they need and they will find useful. Remember that while there are so many marketing products you can choose from, not all of them will work on your target market.

Choose Quality over Quantity

When deciding on a promotional item to use for your marketing campaign, the rule of thumb is to choose quality over quantity. Some companies make the mistake of choosing quantity over quality in the hope of reaching more people. But this can easily ruin your marketing campaign as poor quality products easily get damaged or broken, thus allowing your advertisement to only last for a short period of time. In addition, while giving inexpensive quality products will initially save you money, people will associate your brand or company with the quality of your promotional item as well. Because they easily get damaged and your ad won't last long, then you will have to spend money for another campaign again.

Good news is that whether you are looking to give a mug, t-shirt, umbrella or pen, there is a wide range of affordable quality items to choose from these days

Useful Promotional Products

Choose promotional products that your target market will use. Many companies make the mistake of just using any product to give away, not considering its use to their target market. The end result is that the items just get forgotten, kept inside the closet, or worse, thrown away. Thus, if your target people are students or young professionals, give them something that they see and use everyday. For this group of people, things like pen and other office items are far more effective than jackets, drink coolers or towels.


Of course, your pocket is always one of the things to consider. If you have a tight budget, then choose items that are affordable, but never compromise quality still. Instead of choosing bags, t-shirts or jackets, choose items that are more affordable but are still useful to your target market. These may include lanyards, pens, and koozies.

Promoting your company does not always have to come with a huge cost, and does not always need to be done through TV or radio. Giving custom promotional products serve the same purpose at lesser cost! Start promoting your company now through unique and useful giveaways that your target market will love!

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